Friday, July 08, 2005

London tragedy

My condolence to the families who have suffered through this incident.
Once again, the transportation system is targeted, just as in Spain the
last time. I will pray for a better future, and I will work for a better
future. I wonder if this will affect the setting of the Olympics,
probably not - because we want to show them that they have not impacted
our lives.
Although many people are angered at this point and say mean things about
the 'terrorists', this is the path I cannot take. Of course, I know what
they do is horrible. But I will continue to believe in the goodness in
people - terrorists included, however slim, and hopefully they will start
to believe in themselves, and once they start to believe in the goodness
in themselves, action will follow that reflect that. Often, we do mean
things to other people because we are hurt. Perhaps, they are hurt
inside. This is what it means by finding the root cause.


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