Saturday, March 22, 2008

Barack Obama and Pastor Wright

I have watched clips of Pastor Wright controversial sermons, and how Barack Obama handled the issue.

I am glad to see how senator Barack Obama handled the issue. He gave a very good speech, explaining the issues. Being the offspring of a 'White' and a 'Black', he can see both sides. How he pointed out he disagrees with certain views of Pastor Wright and yet does not 'denounce and reject' the pastor, pointing out the pastor is like a family to him.

Many says that unlike a family where one cannot choose, a pastor or a church is something one can choose - to walk out. I think Obama found out about God from the pastor, just as I found out about God through going to a Catholic Church. But then, we each have to find our own God, someone that we can make direct connection w/ and not someone external to us - and I think Obama has made that connection, and once you make that connection, everyone is your family, and you shouldn't 'reject and denounce' them. It wouldn't be helpful. That's why Obama speaks often of looking out for your brothers and sisters - it's not only from the scriptures, but it's something he feels as well. If he is willing to speak to 'adversaries', this could also be the underlying reason. Obama has a big heart and he seeks to heal.

Many are afraid of his connection to Wright and how Wright's thinking affect him, but if you listen to him, do you hear any of that? No. He seeks to bring the country together. He seeks to heal. Why does he stay there? Some says it's political, but it could be that he sees the need is there, after all, when one embodies the spirit of Christ, one goes to troubled areas and serve.

By reading the blogs around the country, this is a divisive country. Freedom of speech can be a great thing, but it's unfortunate to see the freedom of speech used here to tear people down, and this is the message that Obama is trying to deliver.

Best Wishes to you, Barack Obama. Stay strong.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Power of the Word

In the New Hampshire debate, Hillary criticized Obama that Words might bring Hope, but does not translate to Reality, and that would create 'False Hope'.

Do not understimate the Power of the Word, he said. Word, coupled with Will and Determination can be very powerful. He seems to understand the Power of the Word and how to use it positively.

Words can heal people. Words can inspire people. Words, using harshly, can tear people up inside. Obama chooses to use it positively to bring people together, inspire them, and give them 'Hope'. Obama can capture the sentiments of the people and using his oratory skills to give them voice.

Congratulations, Obama & Huckabee

The two candidates who has the most positive message wins in Iowa.

Obama runs on the theme of bring the country together, ending the division, has demonstrated in his victory. He was able to rally young people into the process, independents and Republicans have rally behind him as well. His crowd is the most enthusiastic.

Huckabee, who despite little money and little organization also wins in Iowa. He calls the Republican party, traditionally the party of fiscal conservative and for business, to think about the ordinary people as well who are struggling.

Good Luck Obama and Huckabee

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays

Usually I would say 'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year' and wouldn't think twice about it - but now, one has to be careful making such a statement like that. I can't believe people are getting upset over Huckabee's Christmas ad. I suppose I had a similar message last year, recounting that in Vietnam, even though we were Buddhist, we too celebrate the Birth of Christ during Christmas, for he's a bodhisattva entering this world, offering knowledge/teachings to the world. Of course, there are bodhisattva before and after him, but there's nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of a particular bodhisattva/person who makes a significant impact in your life.

I do not think Huckabee would force his faith on anyone. It would be impossible. It's a just a gentle reminder of what the 'Christmas' holiday represents.

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Negotiating for Peace

After the Vietnam War, I questioned whether there is something wrong with the Vietnamese people. Why are we keep fighting? Arent' we get sick and tired of this?

I was too young to save the country. It's painful to lose a country. It's painful to see the loss of lives from so many, and the pain inflicted on their families. I was curious as to why people to turn to violence and hurt their fellowman.

Many Vietnamese people was afraid when they first entered America. Many allow themselves to be mistreated without raising their voices ... because many feel this is not their land and they have no voice. They have had worse in their country. They feel they are lucky enough to be alive and this country let them live here. When I was young, I was idealistic ... and perhaps more confrontational. I often intervened. Some might view this as create troubles. But people are people, and they should be treated decently regardless of their country of origin. I told them, you are not doing this only for yourself, but for the next person they meet. They might not aware what they do offend you. Teach them to be a better person. And of course, there's the other extreme, every little undesirable things are interpreted as 'discrimination'. I was asked to intervene in those cases as well.

I told them when issues between them get to a point when they see no solutions but to kill one another, let me know, I might be able to help them find a way out. And amazingly enough, I received those calls and was able to intervene. My strategy is to see them as part of my family. I want neither of them of get hurt. Often, people have frustrations, and their frustrations are not being heard or are not getting through to the other person. When you show you care for them, often, they will drop down their weapons. The solution for them might not come right away, but they feel a little better because you care.

I must say I have retired from the world. I have the experience of being 'well known' and the associated interruptions by people with their problems, and the 'peace and tranquility' and the associated anonimity from the world - and between the two, I prefer the latter. And I would remain in my anonimity if Buddha hasn't appeared. You know you should be compassionate toward another. I don't know what more can I say to compel you to get there. If each of us do our part in being compassionate toward another, the world will get a whole lot better. I think we are moving there.

I have served the people during my peak in power, at times risking my life. I hope the people who are currently in their peak of power use this opportunity to implement strategies to serve the people better. It's not an either/or situation. You can create opportunities for those who have talents to get ahead as well as support the people who can't quite make it in their current situations. People go through their peaks and ebbs, and when they fall, at least provide a cushion so it doesn't hurt them as much when they fall.

But above all, to negotiate for peace, it starts with a caring heart ... for them. It's not about losing and not aware of the potential violence surrounding us. It's about transformation. Transform violence to peace, and that's what great leadership can do.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

San Jose's EarthQuake

There's a slight rumbling in Fremont where I live from San Jose Earthquake. The instant I feel the rumbling, I instantly 'smoothe the flow of energy' and it stopped. Of course, this might be just a coincidence.

When there's fire in San Diego, I too 'smoothe the flow of energy', calm the wind, bring in the rain.

Instead of feeling helpless in such a situation, imagine yourself connected to the universe and help calming it. Instead of saying it's impossible, just experiment with it.

You've seen experiments when the person's energy is connected to the universe, it is extremely difficult to lift them up. Instead of using just your energy, use the energy from beyond, which is vast.

Power is neither good or bad. It might seem 'supernatural'. One can use it for good or bad purpose. I hope you choose to use it for good purpose.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hillary's Logic

Hillary tried to correct herself by saying that her vote to label the Iranians guards as 'terrorists' as a push toward diplomacy. If this is her style of diplomacy, we are in trouble.

Please stop the labelling. It doesn't help. Nobody likes to be labeled 'terrorists'. Worse, once labeled, it provides them the excuse to become exactly what we don't want them to be.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Obama, don't give up

Mr. Obama, I am glad you have decided to run. You recently just joined the senate, and it would be risky for you to run, because you know they say you have limited experience. Yet, you decided to run and expressed the thoughts/ideas that Americans need to hear.

Politics is tough. Many people may have similar ideas as yours but don't have the courage to run because once you get into the political arena, people will say mean things about you to get you out of the way. It's the nature of the game - to win.

I do hope the people will choose you to lead this country. Although you are young and black, you have showed wisdom and good judgment. If in the event the people do not choose you, I hope you continue with the movement, to bring change to this country. Don't give up just because you are not elected. You have many supporters around you.

Look at Al Gore. He has a message to bring to world. Although he didn't get the presidency, he continued on with his message, risking being ridiculed, and now the world seems to get the message. Al Gore has an important message to bring to the world, and you too have an important message to bring to the world. Don't give up.

Hillary's vote on the Iran situation shows that she has not learned the lesson, so I agree with your statement. Many people criticized you for not being there to vote. What difference would your vote make? An overwhelming number of people vote along with Hillary. But it's good that you speak out.

Congress vote on the Armenian issue is another thing. Why make an issue over this? Why antagonize living people like this? The Armenians are dead a long time ago? Would they want us to fight each other over them?

Congress has more important matters to deal with than what to label some activities that happened a long time ago and risked antagonizing another country.