Sunday, September 25, 2005

Katrina / Rita Hurricane

As I watched the events unfold in Katrina, I cried when I heard about those who are left behind, especially those in the nursing homes, who are helpless to help themselves. I was also touched by the human spirit, by those who open their homes and pocket books to help fellow human beings.

As I watched the events unfold in Rita, people seems to be more prepared. Those in the nursing homes are bused out. Unfortunately, one of the buses caught on fire, and killing 24, I believe. Others got on their car and drive out of Texas to avoid what might happen in Katrina. Unfortunately, many got stranded on the highway.

There were many complaints against those in charge for the slow response in Katrina and the chaos on the highway. Let's avoid the blame game. Let's discuss what are the problems, and the steps we can take to improve our response the next time. Remember, our plan is only as good as what we anticipate. If something happens that we have not anticipated, our plan would not fit to a tee, and would need adaptation and thus would be slow. Please be more understanding.


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