Friday, September 30, 2005

A Close Encounter with 'Buddha'

Last week, I watched the movie 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'. I've heard of many stories of possessions back in Vietnam. We usually say in Vietnam, these are from restless spirits, ie. soldiers who die before they are ready.

Last month, at a funeral of my cousin, one of the guest started to kneel down before my cousin's mom, asking for forgiveness. The thought that the spirit can invade your body and take over is scary. This one, for all of the weapons that we have, is of no use.

I, too, was visited by a spirit, however, this one is harmless. It didn't possess me, it was just there for me to experience its force, and it's amazing.

I was in a Qi Gong class, part of the Oriental Medicine curriculum. In this session, the teacher wanted us to experience energy that is outside of us. He brought down three Buddhas - White Tara, Green Tara, and Avaloketeshvara. Don't ask me how he did it. What's interesting is most Americans in the class have the affinity for White Tara. I, on the other hand, ... well, let's just say Avaloketeshvara chose me. Everytime that he is called, immediately, he got in my body through my heart chakra, resided within me the whole session, and when it's time for him to leave, he leave through my crown chakra.

Avaloketeshvara, from my teacher's description, is like Jesus Christ, in that he teaches compassion to the masses through the Word. Green Tara, is more like Mother Teresa, in that she is compassionate through action. White Tara, which is more difficult for me to explain, but she is more interested in the self, and in a capitalistic society such as America, with the concept that everyone pursue things according to their self-interest, perhaps that is why Americans have an affinity for White Tara.

This site was created with Avaloketeshvara/Jesus Christ in mind. If they can be here, they would like to remind people to be compassionate toward one another.


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