Saturday, March 04, 2006

Serving God

How does one serve 'God'?
By being the best that they can be
Imagine the creator
Wouldn't He/She want his creation to be great?
Most of us have witnessed our creative ability
From thoughts to actual physical manifestation
And yet, when we look at our world
It is not such a great world
And we put the blame on Him
Saying that He doesn't care for us
And yet He has shared with us this greatest gift - creation
If we love our God
Then we show it by creating a wonderful world
If we love our God
Then we show it by treating people kindly

Although, understand this Divine Dichotomy
He is all - the good and the bad
We can choose the good and manifest it
Although the bad is also part of Him and part of us
It is there for us to choose - to give us the freedom to choose and experience
Hopefully we are wise enough to choose the better experience


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