Monday, January 02, 2006

Vision for 2006

Last year, 2005, was marked with many mishaps all over the world, man-made, and nature-made. It was a year for us to reflect on the deeper issues. Violence exists, and are we happy with the way we confront violence? Poverty exists, and are we happy with the way we confront poverty. Natural calamities hit upon us, and are we happy with the way we confront them? As I reflect on the decisions that the leaders that we elected made, I don't believe that they have made the best decision for us. Individually, each of them are smart, I have no doubt, but perhaps they are stuck in a system that is difficult for them to change, coupled with inactive and unconcerned citizens, we are also to blame for allowing it to happen. It is up to us, as concerned and caring citizens to help them if we are to have a better world, for us and for our children. So how do we do it?

Each of us are blessed with certain talents and skillsets. We have to bring it out, sharing our talents and resources to solve this world's problem. The Internet allows us to do this.

My vision for 2006 is to heal the world through healing the individuals. As individuals are healed at the physical, emotional and spiritual level, I believe the decision that we make as we solve our world problem will be better. Not only do I wish we can heal the individuals on the inner level, I also wish we can manifest that healing on the outer level as well, so that we can actually create a better world, and able to experience living in it.

In a way, it is an experiment for me. If you wish to participate in this experiment, let me know by subscribing to this site and participate in this discussion. We will be a healing force for the world. I will show you an ancient healing technique to help you heal others on the physical, emotional and spiritual level, as well as the meditation technique that allow the patient heal themselves.

In an age where health care costs are rising, coupled with the pain that is associated with war traumas, catastrophy trauma, we can really make a difference in the world we are living in. There is nothing as painful as watching our loved ones go through pain and feel helpless to do anything about it. This is your opportunity.

This is only the beginning. I do hope that once we are healed, we can work together and create a better world by sharing our talents and resources.


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