Friday, February 03, 2006

The State of the Union

Bush has softened his tones dramatically this time. His unpopularity in this country has humbled him quite a bit.

In general, I found his speech to be positive. He tries to be optimistic about the future, although he acknowledge the anxiety that we feel at this time.

In energy, he admonish that we are 'addicted' to oil, and we must invest in alternative source of energy so we don't rely on unstable foreign countries. This is a good acknowledgement.

We are becoming a global world, and there are issues associated with it. Instead of retreating to protectionism, he argued that we should be engaged and take the lead. I agree that we cannot go back to the past, however, in leading, I hope that he meant to get the whole world to a better place, and not just America.

He talked about education and how we should be strong in math and science in order to lead. I am all for education, however, the cost of education is becoming prohibitive expensive, and less affordable for many. If he wants a lot of us to become more educated, he should have made education to be more affordable. However, this is a capitalistic society, where the market dictates the cost, and I feel sorry for the young people at this point. Will the job be here for them or they have to migrate out of this country?

He still has not change his position regarding the direction of his foreign policy. He still believes in preemptive war ... strike them first before they strike you. What will he do with Iran, and they build up nuclear arsenals, strike them first? What will he do with Palestine, with the winning of the Hamas by the democratic process, strike them first? How about North Korea?

This is a good time to learn to make peace. There is indication that Osama bin Laden wants peace. There is indication that Hamas wants peace. However, if we keep insisting that they are 'evil', or they are 'terrorist', the cycle of violence continues.

However, there is one good advice the president has for Congress, but I don't know if they can follow through. Put their partisanship aside and solve the country's problem.


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