Saturday, June 03, 2006

Gay Marriage Ban

George Bush's reason for banning gay marriage is amazing ... that union between man and woman create stability for society. Has George Bush look at the statistics?

If George Bush enjoys his marriage, why would he deny others to have this experience? It reveals his intolerance, just as his intolerance for other issues. It's this kind of intolerance that leads us into trouble.

George Bush actually teaches me a lot. He challenges me. I didn't know I can get this angry until George Bush came along. And when I calm myself down, he would say or do something that challenges me again. Thank you, George Bush.

George Bush should focus his energy on important issues, such as creating peace for the country and the world, by acting in a peaceful manner, and not threatening the world with endless wars if other countries don't do what he wishes. George Bush should focus his energy on seeing that Americans basic needs are met. There are many homeless people in this country. Anyway, that is what good leaders do. They care for the people. George Bush can be a great leader if he choose to. He has that potential.


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