Thursday, June 01, 2006

Haditha mishaps

By now, you probably have heard about Haditha mishaps. Many people want to punish these soldiers, if it was found that they have killed civilians.

I want to enlarge your understanding since I grow up in a country of war. Iraq is not Vietnam, but there are many similarities that these soldiers face.

These soldiers are Marines. They are armed and trained to kill. They are put in a hostile situation (war). They don't know who are friends and who are foes. They constantly face danger every day. When in doubt, they probably kill, because if hesitant, they may lose their life, or their companion's life. The Marines have a lot of pride in themselves. I am sure news like this hurt them deeply. Nobody likes to kill innocent people.

I don't know what actually happen. But we have put them in a difficult situation. It is the unfortunate outcome of war. Things like this happen during war. Anger and frustration can flare up, and with a gun in hand, things happen. I hope that we learn from this.


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