Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Challenge (3)

'I challenge you also to make sacrfices; to give yourself and your time and your money and your interest, to carry these ideas to those around you in your own environment and to the group in which you find yourself, thus awakening your associates. I call you to a united effort to inculcate anew the ideas of brotherhood and of unity. I ask you to recognize your fellow workers in all groups and to strengthen their hands. I ask you to seal your leaps to words of hatred and of criticism, and to talk in terms of brotherhood and of group relationships. I beg of you to see to it that every day is for you a new day, in which you face new opportunity. Lose sight of your own affairs, your pretty sorrows, worries and suspicions, in the urgency to the task to be done, and spread the cult of unity, or love, and of harmlessness.'

From Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul


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