Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Potential Killer

I hear George Bush doesn't want to get the prisoners because he is afraid they might be potential killers.

Because the weapons these days are so lethal, can we afford to wait for it to happen before we can have the evidence to capture and indict them? If we decide to wait for them to act, then we can suffer massive losses, but when we capture them, at least we have a reason to justify our actions, but at the same time, the administration will be criticized heavily for not being able to protect us.

If the administration's role is to protect us, a suspicion of potential killers might feel like sufficient warrant to capture them. They haven't commit the act, yet they have potential to act. When the administration go after these people, they are criticized as well.

Is there such thing as a safe world or a safe person that we don't have to worry about?

First, there is Void, which has the potential. Then there is One. With One, we can't experience ourselves. There is nothing to compare ourselves to. We created Two - Yin and Yang, with differences. These forces are within each of us, so is the Void and the One.

So, there is a 'potential' killer in each of us. We each feel these forces within us. Our emotion are all over, from fear, anger, to love. For some of us, we recognize that our consciousness has an impact on the world, the moment we detect fear, anger in our consciousness, we transform it so that words of anger and fear do not get out and stir the world. On the contrary, we try to get out the words of love to stir it in the positive direction. But it is an act of daily monitoring.


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