Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prisoner Exchange

As I observe how the United States respond to the Israel/Lebanon conflict, I realize we haven't learned ... at least, this administration hasn't.

It seems the world has asked for a cease fire, but the United States hasn't. With the firepower of the United States, what has it accomplished? On the contrary, the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan is getting worse.

The United States started out pretty gung ho, just as Israel is going gung ho right now. Look where it is now. I listened to the Israel ambassador to the UN on CNN. He thinks the world is with Israel. He thinks this is World War 3. He thinks the world has failed, and it is up to Israel to save the world. I hope that he doesn't drag us into World War 3. Maybe this is what the administration wants. Is that why they are reluctant to call for a cease fire?

I say ... let's exchange the prisoners. After all, isn't that why they attacked Israel in the first place? They have a cause to fight.

All violence results from a 'pain' in the heart, and the feeling of powerlessness to do anything about it except to turn to violence. For the Lebanese, their people are captured by Israelis and they want them back. For the Israelis, their soldier is kidnapped.

I want to hear about the prisoners. Why are the Israelis keeping them? Are they keeping them like the United States? Because they are potential danger but with no actual proof? Why the Israelis dismiss the question?


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