Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Draft Gore

Well, today I received an e-mail - to draft Gore.
Yes, I signed the petition.
The website is in case you are interested.

I am still hungry for a good presidential candidate I can support
Who knows, with enough public support, he might reconsider running

One of the things that I heard often is ...
Candidates, when they are running, they say many wonderful things
But when it comes time to deliver, they often run short
And then the public lose trusts on them
Then they stop caring
They don't think things will change

Yes, if we allow ourselves to be driven by the outside, then it does affect us
But, if we are driven by the compassion within, then we continue to care, and we affect the environment around us.

As far as things won't change ...
I tell you, everything changes. Change is a constant, haven't you heard that? It's up to us to decide which way it will change to. You can change unconsciously or you can change consciously, but change is inevitable.


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