Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Manifest Your Spirituality in the Physical World

This blog site is developing behavioral problems. Even after several times entering correct User ID and password, it still doesn't let me in. So, let me get my main message across to you, in case, I can't get back in.

Many people ridicule George Bush ... he uses a lot of reference to God. I don't know how George Bush receives his message from God, but it takes a lot of courage to reveal this to the public. I will share with you some of my experience. In fact, I was hoping this site will be a site where we can share experience such as this. Each of us is like a sensor, able to sense certain things, but unable to sense other things, and if we combine our senses, we can see a bigger picture of what we are seeing. Instead of arguing who is right and who is wrong, we just combine our effort, and each of us gain from each other's experience. Internet technology gives us this potential.

Some of you have not experienced God personally. Some of you have been taught to worship God. Now, I ask you to be 'Christ/God - like' in your way. That is a big jump, I admit. But this is the message I have come to tell you. This is the time. You hear the urging from God Himself in these passages.

And what is 'Christ/God - like'? It's unconditional love. From that base, you make your decision. Although the world seems to be in chaos, I do see signs of it emerging.

I use the Taras as examples. Taras are Buddha of Compassion, expression their compassion in different ways.

You can be like White Taras, taking good care of yourself and sharing your wealth with others.

You can be like Green Taras, putting the needs of others before you, serving society.

You can be like Avalokiteshvara, teaching and reminding people to be compassionate toward one another.

There are many ways to express yourself.

But above all, envision the Highest Version of Who You Are and express it.


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