Thursday, July 06, 2006

Free Speech

'Free speech' is a good concept. It allows people to speak out without fear.

For example, with all the things that I have said about this administration, I could have been thrown in jail if I am in Vietnam, a 'communist' country.

I believe the intention of free speech is to allow you to express disagreements without fear. However, when people use language to abuse other people, put down other people, I think that is free speech abused.

For example, the President declared that 'North Korea, Iran and Iraq as the axis of evil.' Americans like soundbites, but that is a very destructive thing to say.

Subsequently, we see Iran expressed its desire to continue with its nuclear program.

Now, we are seeing North Korea testing its nuclear capabilities.

To hear the president say he doesn't understand why North Korea does what it is doing is amazing. If he is sincere about his caring for the North Koreans, he should apologize for his use of words.

Every political season, I observe politicians just destroy one another up with their use of words. I guess it's the test to see who is more 'callous', because sensitive people probably would not survive this onslaught.

Even with 'free speech', we should pay attention to what we say to others.


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