Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Talk to the 'Terrorists'

It seems that our country's policy is we don't talk to the 'terrorists'.

How unfortunate.
We prefer destroying them rather than talking to them.
Is this the lesson we want to teach to our children?
Use violence instead of talking for problem resolution?

Talking to them doesn't mean we are agreeing with them.
Talking to them allows us to understand the issues better.
Understand the issues better help us to resolve the problem better.

The Hezbollas and the Hamas are human beings too.
They too have a heart within them.
They too are capable of love.
They have military operations but they also have humanitarian operations.
A humanitarian operation to help people, a military operation to defend themselves.
Not much different from us, except it's a smaller group.

This is the opportunity for us to use peaceful means to resolve our problems.
This is the opportunity for us to teach our children that there is a peaceful way to resolve conflicts.
We cannot fight our way to peace.
Peace is the only way.


Blogger may moon chi said...

I appreciate your call for peace and I think we can both agree that in war, everyone is a loser. Unfortunately, some would rather lose on earth in order to win heavenly blessings they believe they will receive for waging war against secularism, democracy, feminism, and "heathens." Your post reflects your naivete about their ideology, as well as about the facts. There *have* been attempted discussions with militant and terrorist groups. Unfortunately, any moderate forces in those groups (and there are few moderate forces attracted to such groups) do not have the influence that extremist hardliners have. I wish the world were so uncomplicated that your hopeful suggestions would be realistic.

2:21 PM  

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