Saturday, July 29, 2006

Work Ethics Training

Recently, I sat in a 'training' on work ethics at my company.

Before, when I go to training, there is a packet of information for each of us to read and bring home. These days, there are no longer these packets. I presume they just cost money, create more waste, because chances are these packets will end up in the trash.

These days, we just go in, sit down and listen. They then have a quiz on it. If you pass, you don't have to sit through the training again. If you don't pass, you have to retake the training at another time and retake the quiz. That is what they say. But then, to give another class takes time and personnel, so eventually, answers are practically given.

This particularly company has full time employees, part time employes, hourly employees, and temps. Both full time and part time have benefits, but the hourly employees don't. Before, hourly employees have tuition benefits, now they don't. One of thing they ask during the training is ... as employees, we cannot have a business outside, and if we look for a second job, we need to ask permission from them before accepting the other job. We cannot engage in outside activities to make money for ourselves. The reason behind it is conflicts of interest.

I told them ... this sounds so unfair, especially for the hourly employees. I said, if the company can't support them, at least give them the opportunity to look for other means of support. The speaker nodded. She too was able to do those things before, but now, she is not allowed. She just gives the presentation.

When it is time to sign the paper that we have attended the training. I put down the date without signing my name. She asked why I don't sign it. I said I don't sign it because I don't agree with it, but I dated it to say that I was present at the training.

This too is a form of oppression although you don't see signs of violence. It's making people weak and it's keeping them weak. These people live from check to check with no insurance. They work just as hard as others. Somehow, despite working with the company for years, they don't get promoted to part time, with some sort of safety net.

While we are on this topic, there will be a vote on minimum wage coming up. Actually, I would prefer a living wage. Call your Congress to support this.


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