Thursday, August 24, 2006

George Bush still insists on endless war

Probably George Bush will be remembered as the 'war' president. Can't he see that war will become a thing of the past? Hard to believe, isn't it? I think we have outgrown war. War is usually a thing that frighten us, but it no longer frighten us. And when war ceases to frighten us, it has no power over us.

Am I going too far ahead of the mass? I don't think so. I think the mass is too tired of war. I think the mass sees that war no longer provides a good solution for its problems. I think the mass yearns for a better solution. I think the mass is ready to try another way.

In the past, leaders lead, and the mass treads slowly behind. This time, the mass leads, and the leaders tread slowly behind. The mass receives its inspiration from within. The mass is ready to evolve to the next phase of evolution. To change the world, it requires the engagement of the mass.

In the era when the United Nations come together and ask for peace, the United States still insists on endless war. Perhaps that is what it was good at. It was a way for it to shine, with its military might. Perhaps because it has a lot to lose. But that era is over. The era is over not because the United States is weakened militarily, but because the human psyche has changed.

Oh, there will be conflicts, just because the differences among human beings remain. But the kind of conflicts that spread out to war and killing people on the massive level will be minimized. We are seeing the work in progress with the United Nations. They are still fragile, yes, but we see how different countries coming together to ask for a truce and work out a peaceful resolution.

Learn to live in peace with your neighbors. Learn to make peace with your neighbors. The era of brotherhood is coming. It is already felt from the inside, and wait for its manifestation on the outside. The light of love will shine outward from each of us, healing the world.

There will be a few, like George Bush, who takes a longer time to heal. But he too, shall be healed.


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