Friday, August 11, 2006

A Call to Service (4)

'One of the first lesson which those in training for initiation have to master is that difficult dual attitude, which permits right personality and activity and real interest in personality affairs, and yet at the same time permits nothing personal to interfere with the subjective spiritual life, with service and with the training given in preparation for initiation.

The service you can render is to you of more value than the service that can be rendered to you.

The world today offers opportunity to all disciples to become world disciples, close to the Master's heart, and to pass rapidly through the earlier stages of discipleship. It offers opportunity to world disciples to begin their approach to the Heart of the Hierarchy, to Christ. It is with this first possibility that you should be concerned, for - as you come closer to your group - you can begin to get that training which will develop in you world usefulness. Are the majority of you too old to achieve this? That is for you to say. The soul knows no age and can use its instrument if its makes itself into a suitable and available instrument. Are you too set and too preoccupied with yourselves to achieve the detachment needed for world service? That is for you to find out and to prove to yourselves. Are you too depressed? (which is a synonym for selfishness) and too sensitive to render service to humanity in a larger way than hitherto? That can be overcome if you care enough. Is your awareness a constant group-awareness? Or is it a constant self-awareness which comes consistently between you and your fellow men? That is for you to discover. Have you the deep humility - based on a realization of the Plan and the glory of the goal - and not a sense of self-depreciation over which you gloat and regard as an indication of spiritual humility? You need to re-interpret this theme of humility, as well as your terms, in the light of esoteric and spiritual values. Can you do this?

Upon your understanding response to the collective need will depend the rapidity with which you will be enabled to achieve the next expansion of consciousness or initiation which may be, for you as an individual, possible. You have, therefore, to consider your individual response to the demands of your own soul and your collective response to the collective need. It is the initiate in you, the Christ in you, which is now called to this collective service and the radiation today of the Christ spirit, actively present in the hearts of all disciples, is the one thing which can salvage mankind, enable humanity to move forward onto the Path of Discipleship and thus evoke that new spirit which can and will build the new world.

From Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul


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