Wednesday, August 16, 2006


People often asked me what I think about the Israel/Lebanon/Hezbolla situation. I usually said my view is biased because I grew up in Vietnam and I saw the destruction caused by the bombs. Naturally, I feel very sad for the Lebanese, and I am not too crazy about the bombers. Worse, it's the United States who is delaying the peace process, buying time for Israel. Even more disturbing is I recently found out from Congress that the United States is contemplating about sending cluster bombs to Israel. Even the day the United States go along with the United Nations with the cease fire, George Bush managed to point out that the blame for all this rests on Hezbolla.

Yes, I've heard this rationale before. Yes, Hezbolla kidnapped two of Israel's soldiers. They wanted to exchange prisoners. Israel refused. They would rather fight. In fighting, they hurt many Lebanese. Then they blame it's the Hezbolla's fault.

Let's say, Tom hits you. You get upset. You hit Mary. Let's say Mary is related to Tom, so you think she has some influence over Tom. Tom gets upset because you hit Mary, so Tom hits you. You get upset, you intend to hit Tom, but your hand keep ending up on Mary's face. Her face gets red. Mary is crying. She asks why can this continue. Most of the family asks you to stop. Except Paul, he tells you to continue hitting, except try to avoid hitting Mary, except your hand keep landing on Mary. The family looks at Paul. Eventually even Paul asked you to stop. But he wants to make it clear that this is Tom's fault. Now, the family wants all the family members to heal, and it doesn't help to be pointing fingers. Well, that's the family I am conceiving of. Whether the United Nation can serve that role, I don't know, but I hope so.


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