Sunday, April 08, 2007

What is wrong with Bush and Cheney?

This time, Cheney said that Nancy Pelosi display 'bad behavior' by talking to the Syrian leader. How is that bad behavior? Because Syria is on the 'bad' list and we are not supposed to talk to? Not talking and refusing to talk to your neighbor would be 'bad behavior'.

If Bush, Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice have a hard time talking to these people because of their views, then let others who can see a way out peacefully talk. And the first place to start is to see other people as people and not as 'terrorists'.

I keep thinking this is their last term. They will soon go away. But it seems each day they are in the office, they cause damage to this country by what they say and the decisions they made. I don't know if we can afford to have them finish their term. That would be something, wouldn't it? The people boot them out of office. That would be a warning to future leaders. Just because you are elected to office doesn't mean you are 'king', it just means you have the opportunity to serve the people, and if you make poor decisions that does not serve the people, you are out. Not only that, the people should make them make public apoligies to the world for their misplaced views and dragged the world into this mess ... and then ... I want the world to forgive them. After all, they are leaders of a country who has the responsibility to protect a country, especially after 9/11, and this is the best way they see how.


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