Saturday, December 16, 2006

President Bush intend to increase troop level

I await for President Bush as to what decision he will make.

The midterm election resulted in a change from Republican control to Democratic control.

The Iraq Report from Baker-Hamilton came out, suggested several changes regarding the Iraq situation.

President Bush is still set in his ways. I suppose if he changes his ways, it would be an equivalent of admitting he made a mistake, and that is something he will not do.

President Bush wants to send more troops in, hoping that the increase in troop levels will help the situation over there ... or will it result in more deaths?

We just have to wait for 2008 and hope for a better leader to emerge.

In the mean time, for those who understand the power of the mind and faith, use that power to envision a better world for mankind. We are energy beings, and our world is reflection of our collective energy/ideas. We are also creative beings, and each of us has a role in shaping it. Stay on the positive. Stay with love, truth, and joy and be a light for others who has trouble living in this uncertain world.

First, heal yourself ... then heal the world. The power is already within yourself, waiting to be discovered, and applied.


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