Monday, October 03, 2005

Physical Beings, Spiritual Beings

It is unfortunate that there is an argument between creationism and evolution. Isn't it possible that both is correct?

My training started out in the Western world ... if A is true, then non-A cannot be true. Later, I moved on to Eastern philosophy, then I learned A and non-A can both be true, the principle of Yin and Yang, its interdependence and its transformation.

At one time, scientists argued whether light are particles or light are waves. Now, we know light have properties of both ... they are both.

Now, let's move to humans. Are they physical beings or are they spiritual beings? Well, they are both. We've studied a lot in the physical world. First, it is easier, we can see it and we can measure it. The spiritual world, it is harder to study, because we can't see it and we can't measure it. For the hypersensitive, they can pick up a lot, for others, they can't feel anything. Unfortunately, the majority are those who cannot sense it, and they often ridicule those who can sense it and has something to offer.

As physical beings, the story of evolution can be correct. As spiritual beings, the story of creation can also be true. As physical beings, western medicine have worked wonders. As spiritual beings, faith healers or other kind of energetic healers can also be as powerful.

Let's put our differences aside and work together for a better world. As physical beings, we maybe disconnected from one another, but as spiritual beings, we are all connected together. Physical beings are like light as particles. Spiritual beings are like light as waves. Both are useful and has its purposes.


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