Monday, March 27, 2006

Afghan Christian Convert

Abdul Rahman, an Afghan Christian convert can face death penalty. How awful! The Afghan constitution, which is based on the Sharia, or Islam law, says apostates can receive death penalty. He is accused of rejecting of Islam.

Abdul Rahman is a father of two. He converted to Christianity 16 years ago after working with a Christian aid group that assisted refugee group in neighboring Afghan, according to CNN.

What is an apostate? Here is one definition. An apostate is one who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principle or cause. He is also a defector, deserter, etc. In Islam, an apostate only has two choices, turn to Islam or face the sword.

He turns to God, maybe through a different prophet, but still, he turns to God. Although I read that he might have a mental problem. He is hearing voices. How unfortunate. God bless him.

He is seeking asylum. I hope that is granted. I hope that the Aghan government will take this opportunity to show the world that it has progressed, that it can make a good choice. Because killing a man for what he believe is just insane.

Let us all pray for him. Let us do one more thing for him. Let us visualize his safe asylum journey as he wishes. Let us lend our energy to fulfill his wishes.


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