Monday, March 20, 2006

George Bush Speech

Apparently, George Bush still thinks he is on the 'right' track. Actually, there is no such things as the 'right' track or the 'wrong' track, only which track would serve us better, and that varies depending on whose perception you are asking. I think Bush is on the wrong track, and he leads this country toward more dangerous waters, and I feel sad for this country, because this country is full of good people.

Do you think fighting will end violence? Violence might be subdued for a while, when the other force seems strong, but it will rises again when the other force takes its eyes off. We see it in Vietnam, and we see it again in Iraq. There will be those who turn the other cheek when slapped, but then there will be those who will fight back when being struck. So, do you think fighting will end violence?

It's funny. What are you trying to save yourself from? Death? Don't you realize that once you are born, death is assured. Death is also part of nature. You embrace life and yet you abhor death, as if there is something wrong with it, and yet it is just part of nature.

If you want people not to give you harm, give them no cause to harm you. The United States might be a powerful country, but once it loses its moral ground, it's hard to get other countries to listen to you. Military might is not the way, because military might will destroy many lives, and it will not protect you. It causes envy in other countries. It is better to win on the moral ground.

It's like watching two brothers are angry with each other right now and refusing to talk to one another. Both are armed and want to get rid of the other. Their anger can be so great that they can hurt all of us.

So, let's us pray for our universe and work to heal it. The universe can only heal if we collectively work to heal it. This internet technology comes in a timely manner. Maintain your love for this universe and see good things come out of is, especially in this troubled time. When there is fear, replace it with love. With love, our decision making has a tendency to heal the world, whereas with fear, our decision making has a tendency to hurt the world. As if the world is the reflection of us, and if we change our inner self toward love more, the world will reflect that as well, and wouldn't that be a better world to live in? Instead of using your energy to engage in actions that destroy the world, use it to heal the world.


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