Saturday, June 03, 2006

Group Consciousness

God explains ...

Group consciousness is something that is not widely understood - yet it is extremely powerful and can, if you are not careful, often overcome individual consciousness. You must always, therefore, endeavor to create group consciousness whenever you go, and with whatever you do, if you wish your larger life experience on the planet to be harmonious.

If you are in a group whose consciousness does not reflect your own, and you are unable at this time to effectively alter the group consciousness, it is wise to leave the group, or the group could lead you. It will go where it wants to go, regardless of where you want to go.

If you cannot find a group whose consciousness matches your own, be the source of one. Others of like consciousness will be drawn to you.

Individuals and smaller groups must affect larger groups - and, ultimately, the largest group of all, which is ALL humankind - for there to be permanent and significant change on your planet.

Your world, and the condition it is in, is a reflection of the total, combined consciousness and everyone living there.

As you can see by looking around you, much work is left to be done. Unless of course, you are satisfied with your world as it is.

Surprising, most people are. That is why the world does not change.

Most people are satisfied with a world in which differences, not similarities, are honored, and disagreements are settled by conflict and war.

Most people are satisfied with a world in which survival is for the fittest, 'might is right', competition is required, and winning is called the highest good.

If such a system happens also to produce 'losers' - so be it - so long as you are not among them.

Most people are satisfied, even though such a model produces people who are often killed when they are judged 'wrong', starved and rendered homeless when they are 'losers', oppressed and exploited when they are not 'strong'.

Most people define 'wrong' as that which is different from them. Religious differences, in particular, are not tolerated, nor are many social, economic, or cultural differences.

Exploitation of the underclass is justified by the self-congratulatory pronouncements from the upper class of how much better off their victims are now than they were before these exploitations. By this measure, the upper class can ignore the issue of how all people ought to be treated if one were truly fair, rather than merely making a horrible situation a tiny bit better - and profiting obscenely in the bargain.

Most people laugh when one suggest any kind of system other than the one currently in place, saying that behaviors such as competing and killing and the 'victor taking the spoils' are what makes their civilization great! Most people even think there is no other natural way to be, that it is the nature of humans to behave in this manner, and that to act any other way would kill the inner spirit that drives man to succeed. (No one asks the question, 'Succeed at what?')

Difficult as it is for truly enlightened beings to understand, most people on your planet believe in this philosophy, and that is why most people don't care about the suffering masses, the oppression of minorities, the anger of the underclass, or the survival needs of anyone but themselves and their immediate families.

Most people do not see that they are destroying the EArth - the very planet which gives them Life - because their actions seek only to enhance their quality of life. Amazingly, they are not farsighted enough to observe that short-term gains can produce long-term losses, and often do - and will.

Most people are threatened by group consciousness, a concept such as the collective good, a one-world overview, or a God who exists in unity with all creation, rather than separate from it.

This fear of anything leading to unification and your planet's glorification of All That Separates produce division, disharmony, discord - yet you do not seem to have the ability to even learn from your own experience, and so you continue your behaviors, with the same results.

The inability to experience the suffering of another as one's own is what allows such suffering to continue.

Seperation breeds indifference, false superiority. Unity produces compassion, genuine equality.

The events which occur on your planet - which have occurred regularly for 3000 years - are, as I've said, a reflection of the Collective Consciousness of 'your group' - the whole group on your planet.

That level of consciousness could best be described as primitive.


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