Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nostalgic for a good president

I remember when Clinton was president, I wrote to him and told him how proud I am to have him as my president. I don't know if it gets to him, but the letter was responded.

Contrast that with Bush, the letter seems to go into a black hole. Perhaps my letter was irrelevant and was dismissed ... like the letter from the Iranian president. I too questioned him on his methods of handling world problems.

I don't write letters to presidents often. But when they do an outstanding job, like Clinton, I do let them know that. And when they do a terrible job, I let them know that too. I do feel sorry for Bush at times. Many people pick on Bush and makes fun of him. Maybe that's a way to deal with frustration, make a joke out of it. It's really unbelievable to have a president like Bush. We have many talented people in this country, and we picked Bush. Unbelievable. But that's democracy.


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