Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Iranian President Letter to President Bush

I have read the translation of this letter on NPR.org

I am disappointed by the response of this administration - the dismissal of the letter because it doesn't address the problem at hand - the buildup of the nuclear power in Iran.

Here we have a president of a foreign country trying to make communication, and yet this administration just dismiss it.

Here we have a president of a foreign country trying to explain his views, and perhaps his views are shared with many in his country. What we shoud do is listen. We don't have to agree but we should listen. Thank him for sharing his views. And from there, we share with him our concerns.

He has declared that his buildup of nuclear power is for peaceful purposes. He expressed his country's interest in research & development in the nuclear power area. It seems the administration choose not to trust him.

Anyway, I wish this administration can be more diplomatic.


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The fundamental operational flaw and thus mechanism of corruption in all forms of representative government, religion and organizational systems is the same as that which creates tyranny in dictators, monarchs and the like. The power of fait accompli given to select individuals and groups under certain situations.

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“ I got back home kinda late, and I fell asleep downstairs, watching a movie. I woke up at 1:00 (in the morning) and it was pitch black in the room, so it took me a while to find the light switch. And when I did, I blinded myself.

Smart, huh? “

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I'd say very smart, as you have given yourself an opportunity, to next time, wait a few moments until your eyes become accustom to the darkness and then turn on the light. What a wonderful gift to spend a moment or so alone with one self, without fear and with the knowledge that the light will return, and that blindness in many situations is a matter of your own choosing.


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