Friday, June 23, 2006


I expected there would be an increase in surveillance after 9/11.

Individuals seeking to do us harm successfully got on our shore, successfully planned and executed its plan. How did we miss it? We didn't pay attention.

I expected more vigilance after 9/11. It's understandable that they go after bank and communication records to see how they have missed it, and use it to prevent future attacks.

What I didn't expect was a declaration of war on Iraq. A group of individuals started this, and we invaded a country.

While I understand the increase in surveillance, I hope they don't abuse the power they have.

Even though the past has been a dark place, I continue to hope the future will be a much brighter place.

As you see these horrible events around you, I hope there is something within you that is clicked. Next to it, you find out that this is not Who You Are. And with that, you start to remember Who You Are. This is what I hope. Disasters can have a great transformative power.

Once you remember Who You Are, looking at these events can be even harder for you. But it can also be a force within you to change things around you for the better for mankind. This is what I hope.

After all, one of the purpose of this site is to help bring the Christ/God within you to come out and help mankind in this hour of need.


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