Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Discussion with a Pro-War Activist

This discussion serves to increase our understanding.

Each person makes his/her choice based on his/her world view perspective. The following is a perspective from one pro-war activist.

On Osama bin Laden
He thinks that Osama bin Laden may takes after Mohammed. Mohammed was a warrior and prophet. He was one man, but he inspired many to take arms and conquered many territories. The problem with Osama bin Laden is he wants to take on the whole world.

Iraq is not Vietnam
He lived under the Communist regime and he hated the Communist. However, he conceded that the Vietnam war was a mistake. America get screwed when they listened to the French. America should not get involved. Vietnamese may kill many during the Vietnam War, but they don't broadcast to the world. They don't do beheadings and show them to the world.

Why we don't talk to Mullar Omar
He asked if I have seen Mullar Omar shot a woman in the head for watching a sport event and broadcast this to the world? He can still remember her brain matter splatter out on his TV screen. No, we don't talk to people like that.

His country 'lost' because of the same tactics
The 'enemy' hides in the crowd, and we don't shoot at crowd, and the 'enemy' escapes.

What are his suggestions?
The 'enemy' doesn't play by the rules, and if we play by the rules, we lose. Sometimes, we have to break rules to play at their level so they understand.

Here is a thinking from one person. But it may shed a light into why the administration is doing what it is doing. While I don't advocate this is the way forward, but you can certainly understand this way of thinking.


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