Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reiki/Prayer for the Middle East

As we know, the Middle East situation right now is very fragile. I received an e-mail from asking us to do reiki for the middle east. They have put a World Peace Crystal Grid at the North Pole (in 1997), South Pole (in 1999), and Jerusalem (in 2004).

Their theory is the North Pole is like a Crown, the South Pole is like a Root, and if we channel energy peace energy, through the poles, through Jerusalem, then Peace Energy will be focused in Jerusalem. This is why the crystal is used. The theory is, it has the ability to concentrate, focus energy. Now, what Israel do is up to them, we have no control over that. What Lebanon and Hezbolla do is up to them, we have no control over that. What we do is influence their consciousness on the higher level. We are all connected on the higher level.

Have you ever have an inspiration of what you feel from a higher source? For some of you, you heard it, you understand it, you are grateful for it, and you change your ways and follow your higher calling. For some of you, you heard it, it sounds nice, but you don't believe it's possible, and you go back to your old ways. For some of you, you shrug it off as pure fantasy, and go back to your old ways. But for the few that heard it and understand it, we help them.

Even in a chaotic place, when we are connected to the source, we are calm. Without it, it's fear, it's insanity, it's oppression, etc. it's an emotional torment. This is what we want to influence, their inner being. That despite the external turmoil outside, that they can find calmness and peace within them. And when they act in this way, it decreases violence ... because in essence, they turn the other cheek. The only way violence can decrease is for people to turn away from violence, that they act in peace.

If you don't know Reiki, prayer works equally well. In prayer, pray from a powerful position and not from a weak position. It has more power that way. Pray from a powerful position means pray and know that it will be delivered. Pray from a weak position means pray and hope that it will be delivered.

And if you are not sure, it can't hurt to pray. On the contrary, it may help. We are engaging in an experiment that no instrument can measure. It is an experiment about the collective human spirit and what it can do if it is intent on moving things in a certain way.


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