Saturday, August 26, 2006

Society Reform

Recently, I heard a discussion on poverty and welfare reform. I see that there are still many angers over this issue. This country seems to think everybody must work. Nobody can get a 'free' ride.

Now, I believe that everybody should be given an opportunity to go as high as they can. If education is so important for this country, they should be provided 'free'. With technology, it is possible. Heck, we can educate the whole world for 'free'. We should have training program to give hands on for students and partner them with the industry so they can have 'real' experience. To demonstrate competencies, we might charge a fee for the test. But education should be 'free', and they can take as along as they want to learn. With 'real' experience with a company, and passing the competency test, they have something to write on their resume, and have a better chance of getting a job. Too often, students are stuck with high cost of education, that they might or might not secure a position in their field once they graduate. But really, if you think education is important, you should provide them for free. This will gives a chance even for those in 'poverty'.

Now, on the flip side, there will be those who won't make it. It's part of nature as yin and yang. What do we do about them? Now, I believe everyone should have the basic living needs provided. If everyone have their basic needs addressed, crime would decrease, mental illness would decrease, and we have a healthier society.

Why is it that we have to work anyway? Some people work two full time jobs in this country and still having trouble paying their bills. What is wrong with this picture? People get laid off in masses when companies having trouble with the bottom line? What is wrong with this picture? Cost of housing and education skyrocketed like crazy. What is wrong with this picture?

Really, everyone should have the basic needs addressed. If they are more talented, the reward is in seeing their achievement. And we should have a better way of using human resources. Too many people are not used optimally in this country, and then at the end of their life, they feel unfulfilled.

I don't know what would it take, but I would like to know the cost for realizing this. How much would it take for our basic needs to be addressed, and by basic needs, I mean, food and shelter. Life has its ups and downs. Wouldn't you like to know that when you are down, at least, you have this basic need covered.

A compassionate society would not let its members live in fear. It takes care of its members. It would help those who has the talents to go as far as they can so they can fulfill their aspiration. A compassionate society would cooperate to achieve end goals and not competing with one another. We are marching toward the era of brotherhood, of brotherly love.


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