Monday, April 16, 2007

Shooting at Virginia Tech

Got home today and found out there's a student going on a shooting rampage at Virginia Tech. He shot 31 people, including himself, according to the news.

We can look at this student as separate from us and say ... there's something wrong with him, just as what we usualy say to a 'terrorist'. There's something wrong with them.

Or we can look at this student as part of us, and he is simply exhibiting the symptoms of our society. What would drive a student to such a point? He is dead now and we can't find out what is going through his mind, nor can we find out what is going on through the mind of suicide bombers.

But the symptom is this. He no longer cares if he hurts other people, just as the suicide bombers. Bush seems to exhibit the same symptom, I am afraid, insisting on the deadly military way and refusing to talk to 'regimes' he doesn't like, sending young people to war for an indefinite time.

Why don't they care? Perhaps they feel the world don't care for them, so why should they care for the world. Look at the world today, and it's easy to understand how they may feel that way.

So, we have to care and listen. We might avert the 'future' shooter who feels the world doesn't care for them. We might not have the material means to care for them, but sometimes, just sit down and listen, one can do wonders.

The industrial world have kept many of us so busy that we don't have that much time for other people, unfortunately, but we should learn to make the time.


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