Sunday, April 08, 2007

Why doesn't God intervene?

I heard on the radio today ... 'How bad does things have to be before God intervene, doesn't He care?'

God knows what He created is indestructible ... because it's a part of Him. It only changes form. He gave the power of creation to us, and He wants to see what we are capable of creating.

Remember the story of the cripple. By his faith, he walks. Of course, Christ was around, and people believed it's Christ who is doing, but Christ said - it's your faith that did it.

God is in everyone of us. So, if you feel weak like the crippled, see if you can have the strong faith like the crippled and walk. If you have cancer, see if you have strong faith and heal yourself ... and surprise your family, neighbors, and doctors, witness God's power within you, and give hope to other people ... because God's power is also within them. All this talk about the impending health crisis ... if enough people discover their own internal power, there may not be such a health crisis after all.

Let's make Him proud and creates a beautiful and loving world for Him and show our love and appreciation of Him.


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