Friday, April 27, 2007

War on Terror

To win the war on 'terror', all you need to do is ... stop being afraid, get the 'terror' out of your life, then you 'win'. As long as you are still afraid, it wins.

I understand Americans want to 'win', that there'll be no more 'terrorists', so they don't have to live in 'fear', so they can live in 'peace'.

It's better to find 'inner peace', in that way, you are always at peace, unperturbed by the outside. The 'outer peace' is nice to have, but it is often unreliable.

Americans think 'guns' protect them. That would work if people are afraid of death. It no longer works when people stop being afraid of death, just as these suicide bombers. It is an adaptation.

If 'terrorists' use similar tactics as the Vietnamese did ... they immerse themselves in civilian group, then what? Would Americans let the terrorists get away and spare the innocent lives, or kill to get the terrorists, and say deaths of innocent lives are collateral damage of war. They retreat in American presence and come out when Americans leave, and there are not enough troops everywhere to provide security for the country. In the meantime, Americans are getting killed because they stand out like a sore thumb. If they fight back, they are perceived as 'occupiers', and if they don't fight back, they are getting killed. For those who 'befriend' with Americans, they might be perceived as 'traitors', and their lives are at risks. Yes, there is a threat, but this is not the way to fight it. It consumes money, takes lives, and creates a lot of anger and grief. They are on fire - don't add more fire to it, don't give it more power.

Stop feeding energy into the negative (ie. war and killing people), give energy into the positive (ie. ensure that people have the necessity of life ... and take care of our planet). Life on earth is the summation of our collective energies. People around you may feed their energies into the negative, but may your energy be invested in the positive and helps make this world a little better.


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