Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth Concert Show

There have been many critics on the Live Earth Concert Show. Some of the critics pointed out that the show consumed energy. Some of the critics pointed out that rock star are not good models. Some of the critics pointed out that Al Gore life style consume lots of energy and he is hypocritical. Some people even said that Global Warming is the 'liberal' version of Amageddon.

Al Gore was in Congress trying to get the message out, but they fell on deaf ears. He created the movie 'the Inconvenient Truth' to get the message to the public. Now, he organized this show to get people worldwide to participate. He asked people to signup to make pledges. I myself have signed up to make my pledge. A pledge is like - I give you my word, in this case, on the Internet, to the whole wide world. Can he make a difference? I don't know. He certainly made a constructive contribution in organizing this show, bringing people together, and in making my pledge, I am making my contribution. Many people are conscious of the global warming crisis, and they are quietly making their lifestyle change to contribute to solving the problem, but solving the global warming crisis takes a worldwide effort, and Al Gore is trying to do that, and I applaud his effort.

Al Gore is often made fun of by the term 'Father of the Internet'. He might not have created the Internet, but through Congress, he pushed policies that helped make the Internet accessible to the regular public, which I think is another great thing that he did.

Is global warming real? We don't know. Weather fluctuates. But if there are risks that it may be real, then we should take preventive actions to help avert it. Who knows, this might be the opportunity for us to make a break through and learn how to control the weather. Advance societies have reached this level of mastery.


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