Sunday, May 27, 2007

President Carter criticized Bush as the worst president

Many attacked President Carter for criticizing Bush as the worst president. Worst is a relative term.

Bush has a way of angering and intimidate people with his words. He said some of the most threatening and divisive language I have ever encountered. 'Axis of Evil', 'Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists', 'If we don't fight them there, they will follow us home'. He doesn't want to participate the Kyoto treaty. He doesn't want to participate in the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. On the contrary, he wants to build a new generation of smaller nuclear bombs, and has announced that for the first time, the United States will consider as part of deterrence strategy to consider using nuclear weapons in a first strike attack against non-nuclear states. And you wonder why North Korea and Iran build nuclear weapons - they don't want to be the 'non-nuclear' states for Bush to strike, especially with his 'pre-emptive' strike policy.

Let's face it. This war is about oil. They can't tell you that. America's economy is dependent on oil. Iraq has oil. That's the ugly reality. Can America live and prosper without oil? So America should learn to develop technologies to rid itself of its dependence on oil.

And talking about 'God' telling him to do this, that just about did it for me. Please leave God out of this. Don't put words into His mouth. He created this garden to us to play in. We pick out the roles that we want to play. We are part of Him and therefore, we too are indestructible. We just changes form, and we get to choose again and again and again. It never ends. We are energy, and at this moment, we are condensed into physical matter, so we can feel and touch, and experience 'time'. This is the miracle, it happens everyday so we don't notice it, but this is a miracle. Enjoy yourself.

I would much prefer to build a world based on love rather based on fear, and I understand President Carter's frustration with Bush which prompted him to say the things he did.


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