Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Military and the Pacifists

It has been said that 'Al Qaeda' will fight until they dominate and subdue us and have us live under their will. That might be what they want to experience, but you can say ... not under my watch. Do we have to fight them military? For those who chose the military path, they too want to experience their power and success. So when you ask the 'troops', despite the risks, they might want this to continue, so they have the opportunity to experience the 'winning', 'success', and feel like they are 'saving' the people, country. But for those who are 'pacifists', how do they experience success? They want to see conflicts resolved peacefully, with minimal bloodshed, or at least give peace a chance, and war is a last resort.

It's difficult for 'pacifists' these days, because we have a president who chooses war, who lack the desire and doesn't see the possibility of resolving the conflicts peacefully, and worse, they experience the bloodshed for their fellow man everyday.

'Pacifists' are not necessarily spineless. They maybe the most powerful warriors, yet they see the fruitlessness of war, the pain it induces, and they want to minimize it. Standing next to them, you might not have a chance to win, yet they choose peace. They already know their power. They don't need to find it.


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