Saturday, October 08, 2005

Journalism and Blogs from Iraq

Perhaps people in the journalism feel a bit threatened by the increasing amount of blogs from Iraq, and question their role. They have different roles. Journals are supposedly more objective, and blogs are supposedly more subjective. In our society, however, we somehow value objectivity more than subjectivity, and blogs are somehow devalued because they are not objective.

To be able to express their feelings in the combat zone for the soldier is not only important, but also therapeutic, not only for the soldier, but for the community at large. Heck, this is what God is interested in ... the experience, and He is able to plug in to all of us, and we can only get what the particular soldier is willing to share.

The other idea that is going around is that for information to be valuable, it has to sit around and stew for a long period. Each time we bring back something from the past, the past has changed because we have changed. It is equally important because we see our progression of change.


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