Friday, March 31, 2006

Universal Love

When I first started this blog site, I was inspired by Avalokiteshvara. He was the Buddha mentioned in Tibetan textbook, probably live eons ago. His entrance into my body was remarkable, giving some hint that perhaps there are souls that live on, and that souls can merge into one, something that cannot happen with the physical body. He was the Buddha of compassion, teaching people about compassion, and reminding people about being compassionate toward one another. To me, he was a powerful source of energy, something hard to describe, but I can actually feel it.

The first thought that came to me when he entered was actually Jesus Christ, because I don't know much about Avalokiteshvara. I know the history of Jesus Christ a whole lot better, and both serve similar functions. Both teaches about love, compassion, and so on.

I consulted with Jesus Christ as to what name should I be giving to this project, and the name that came back to me was 'Universal Love'. I checked the name on the Internet, but it was taken, so I chose the name 'Compassion For All', which I think is close to what 'Universal Love' and what Avalokiteshvara would have wanted to remind you of.

I still contemplate on what Jesus Christ means when He says 'Universal Love', but I think He means enlarge your love to include the universe ... everything. Can you do it?

God is within you already. I hope you have found Him and get inspired by Him to do great things in this world. You know it's His ideas because it usually is grand, and it is good for mankind. The only thing is ... do you have the courage to carry it out. God is Love, and to be immerse in His Love is wonderful. If you don't know what God is, substitute it with Love, and you come pretty close, if not already there with Him, except you don't know it.


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