Friday, April 21, 2006

My wishes have been granted

There were two things that I asked of God, and they both have been granted. I am happy that I am alive to witness this.

As you know, how the Bible usually say that salvation was only for the 'believers'. If Christ asked for forgiveness for the 'believers', I asked for forgivess for the 'nonbelievers' ... in that way, all is covered. Well, with these passages, you know that there is no right and no wrong ... there is nothing to forgive. Well, I am happy that has been cleared up before I die.

My second request was ... well, how can God expect people to believe in God when they can't see Him and can't hear Him. The Bible has been written by man, so how can it be trusted. I wanted more clear evidence of this ... comes directly from Him. Well, these passages are about as close as I can get Him talking directly to us.

I hear Congress are going to do something with the Internet. Privatize it? I don't know how it will affect this blog. But now, you know where the source is and you can go directly there.

I see that Congress are getting tougher with companies hiring 'illegals'. I dislike using the word 'illegals', after all, they are just human beings. Again, these are human constructions aimed at punishing other human beings. I can see that we are still fearful, and seek to close our borders.

I hope these messages have touched your lives as much as they have touched mine. I hope you focus your energy on rebuilding your local community (and save money on gas as well as saving resources).

I do hope the Internet will remain free for all. This is such a wonderful creation that is good for many of us, and I hate to see it fall on a few hands, and we have to pay money for it.


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