Friday, April 07, 2006

More on Marriage

'Marriage as you have constructed it is a way of saying: "This relationship is special. I hold this relationship above all others." Yet you might find it interesting to notice that almost no one who is, or has been, recognized as a spiritual master is married. It's because masters cannot truthfully make the statement that your present constructionof marriage seeks to make: that one person is more special to them than another. This is not a statement that a master makes, and it is not a statement that God makes.

The fact is that your marriage vows, as you presently construct them, have you making a very un-Godly statement. It is the height of irony that you feel this is the holiest of holy promises, for it is a promise that God would never make.

Yet, in order to justify your human fears, you have imagined a God who acts just like you. Therefore, you speak of God's 'promise' to his 'Chosen People,' and of covenant between God and those God loves, in a special way.

You cannot stand the thought of a God who loves no one in a way which is more special than any other, and so you create fictions about a God who only loves certain people for certain reasons. And you call these fictions Religions. I call them blasphemies. For any thought that God loves one more than another is false, and any ritual which asks you to make the same statement is not a sacrament, but a sacrilege.

You think that this talk is tough? I tell you this: You have bastardized the Word of God in order to justify your fears and rationalized your insane treatment of each other. You will make God say whatever you need in order to continue limiting each other, hurting each other, and killing each other in My name.

Yea, you have invoked My name, and waved My flag, and carried crosses on your battlefields for centuries, all as proof that I love one people more than another, and would ask you to kill to prove it.

Yet I tell you this: My love is unlimited and unconditional.

That is the one thing you cannot hear, the one truth you cannot abide, the one statement you cannot accept, for its all-inclusiveness destroys not only the institution of marriage (as you have constructed it), but every one of your religions and governmental institutions as well.'


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