Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nuclear War with Iran?

Everything is on the table ... including nuclear war? Another sign of insanity. Even to think about it is not an option for enlightened people.

I remember writing a letter to George W Bush, commending him on his aspiration - 'freedom' for all, but questioning him on his destructive ways of achieving it, and urging him to find peaceful means to achieve it.

In regards to wanting Iran to disarm, I asked him if the United States is willing to disarm itself. I mean, how can you ask someone else to disarm, while you are armed, and get mad because they don't disarm.

I also asked him if he has killed anyone. I asked him if someone gives him an order to kill someone, can he do it? Does he need a reason to kill someone? How would he feel afterward? What impact would it do on the victim's family and his family? George Bush never did answer me. My intention was for him to understand the psychological torment he put these people under. But perhaps, he didn't.

Although, the day that he declared 'Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists', I know he has limited understanding. Once you are enlightened, you know that we are all one, and you wouldn't even think about making a statement like that. Rather, you want to talk to them to find out what is their pain that is driving them to hurt us. Unfortunately, George Bush is reluctant to talk to those he regards as 'terrorists'.

A lot of people believe in the End of the World, Amageddon, etc. Be warned, what you think is you create. Is that what you want? You can choose another path.


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