Sunday, April 23, 2006

Osama bin Laden and George Bush

Well, we hear again from Osama bin Laden. Sometimes, I think I am seeing double ... Osama bin Laden and George Bush ... both talk tough, and both want to wipe out the other.

I can see how George Bush gets a bit fearful here. I mean Osama bin Laden did not infer just the government, but also its people are guilty, and must be wipe out.

Maybe Osama bin Laden will suffer the same fate as George Bush. First, they look up to him. But perhaps, with time, they figure Osama bin Laden maybe just a bit unstable himself.

There is some truth to what Osama bin Laden said. Perhaps he has to get extreme for people to take notice. I haven't personally visited Palestine and Israel, and as I understand, there are great discrepancies between those two communities. People know they are inherently equal, and when they see they are treated differently, naturally, they will feel there is something wrong with this picture, and if necessary, will revolt to show these discrepancies to the world. If we don't know the cause, we would think that they are just violent people and need to be rid of, yet they are just crying out for help.

Let us remain calm in this turbulent waters. Remember Christ when He said, I am in this world, but I am not of this world. In some ways, we have to remove ourselves like that too, so we can look more objectively at life. Let us be the light, emanating love all around us. Show them the way. Perhaps the leaders who have come forward before are those who sees the violent path as the answer. One cannot blame them, because if we study our history, we do have that tendency. However, at any moment, we can change. We can create 'love' cells, instead of 'terror' cells. We can change the world from 'love' and not from 'terror'. Love maybe gentle and soft, but it definitely is not weak. After all, God is love.


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