Monday, June 05, 2006

Christian Blind Mission International

Christian Blind Mission International dedicate itself to serving the poor and those with disabilities. For only $35, you can help someone from blindness. Also, they are also asking for prayers. See if you can help them. I include the link on the side. If you do decide to help, I would like to know.

Too often, we hear how much people make, and this can create envy and competition in people. Let's emphasize on the giving aspect. After all, life is about giving. Anyway, it's one of God's ideas.

If the giving aspect is emphasized, not only do we recognize the giver but we also encourage this activity. Wouldn't it be nice if people compete on who is giving more? Too often, we emphasize on the negative.

I know, Americans like their privacy, and God thinks transparency would be better After all, don't we tend to behave better when we think He sees everything, and there is nothing we can hide from Him. This is His logic.

Of course, the choice is yours.


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