Sunday, June 04, 2006

An Invitation/Challenge to my Readers/Visitors

We have been talking about Group Consciousness. For those who visit this website frequently, you probably have the 'Christ/Love' Consciousness, that you want to be loving toward one another, and you want to create a better world which serves everyone.

I include many passages from 'God', not only because I believe it might help some of you out there living in this troubled world, but also to say that He is a part of us and His ideas are welcome in this group. We are living in the world that constantly say - separation of the Church and State, well, I don't know about the Church because I don't go to Church, but God is a part of me, and I cannot separate Him from me.

All of these passages serve as the first stage - to make you think ... and hopefully move you toward 'Love' Consciousness. The next stage - Word. To declare yourself. Do you have that courage? Can you declare that you are 'Love'? Do you remember God said the power of the word 'I am ...'? Can you do this? Once we have a group of similar consciousness, I hope we can move to the next phase ... Action and Manifestation.

E-mail me at and I will include you in this group. In this way, you can share your ideas, your views, your stories, your inspiration ... and make this web site more dynamic and interesting. And together, we can think up of something to improve this world.


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