Friday, June 16, 2006


It is unfortunate that Bush sees Iraq as part of the 'War on Terror' and insist on fighting.

Many people says that Iraq is not Vietnam, but I do see some similarities.

America's reason for entering Vietnam was 'War on Communism'.
America's reason for entering Iraq was 'War on Terror'.
(The reason for this Iraq War, however, keeps shifting.)

When America entered, Vietnamese has to choose on which side they side with.
Iraqis, probably also has to choose ... with America or with the insurgents.

Vietnamese just want to live on their land, without having to choose.
Iraqis probably also just want to live on their land, without having to choose.

The Vietcong initially used inspiration to recruit, and later resorted to terror to recruit. If you are with America, they'll kill you.
The South Vietnamese also use threats ... if you are with the Communists, they'll kill you.
And outside, the bombs from the Americans.
It's your own country, and you are afraid to walk out. You are afraid to talk. Everyone is a potential threat to you ... even someone who seems to be your friend ... he/she maybe a spy for the other side. Fear is the predominant emotion. There are times when you are getting tired of your own fear, and would rather risk death than living in fear like this. And it is ironic ... once you lose the fear of death, that is when you feel liberated. You can kill me, but you can't intimidate me. That is easy for me to say. I have no family. But if you have a family, you fear not only for yourself, you fear for your spouse, you fear for your children.

It seems the same pattern repeats here. That is why you see Iraqis are targeted as well, not just Americans. Just replace 'Communists' with 'Terrorists'. It seems they read the North Vietnamese tactics - how a small country defeat a powerful country. Different weapons of war, but similar psychological tactics.

Well, you know what happen when America left and what happen to those Vietnamese who have sided with America. Re-education Camp, where horror stories abound.
I don't know what the end of the story in Iraq is.

Yet, look at Vietnam now. I've heard many positive stories from people who came back there to visit. The younger people no longer have the kind of hatred that the older generation have. Thank God.

Well, I came from a world where that kind of chaos and disorder occurred, and it's not fun. I do not wish it to be for the Iraqis. Yet Iraqis must face it because America chose Iraq as the base to fight the 'War on Terror' just as Vietnamese had to face it because America chose Vietnam as one of the base to fight the 'War on Communism'. Is America really helping by being there? Is this a good way to fight the 'war on terror'? What is the 'war on terror'? Aren't we causing the terror as well by coming in there with guns and planes?


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