Thursday, June 08, 2006

Al Gore decides not to run

As I go around and ask people to see the 'Inconvenient Truth' movie, I am surprised to find that there are many anger within people.

Some are upset because Al Gore didn't even win his own state, and therefore doesn't even speak highly of him.

Some doesn't want to go because that would put money in Al Gore's pocket and they don't want to do that.

Some said that because he said he invented the Internet, and that's a lie, so anything that he says shouldn't be trusted.

Some said that he was the vice president and he couldn't push the issue ... in a way, they think he would be ineffective.

Some said he speaks in a condescending way, and they don't like it.

Some said the data can be manipulated. If he wants to convince the public that there is the issue of 'global warming', he would select the data that would support that data.

Some said that Congress are basically 'pigs in the same trough'. Both Democrats and Republicans are bad. There should be another revolution, they said. These people no longer cares for the little people, they said.

As far as Obama is concerned, he did make a good impression on them, but then they said, they don't think America is ready for a black president nor a woman president.

Oh well, maybe it's good that Al Gore decides not to run. The field is hostile out there. I thought the issue of 'global warming' would be good, because it would make nations think about something that is bigger than them. And after they work together on an issue of common interest, they look at each other and see how silly they have fought with one another.


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