Thursday, June 08, 2006

Al Zarqawi's Death

I find myself feeling sad as I heard news of the death of Al Zarqawi's death, just as I feel sad as I heard news of the death of Saddam's two sons. From what I have read, they have created horrors in many people's life.

All babies are born innocent, and somehow, through their life circumstances, they are led down the path where they decide violence is the path for them to achieve what they want.

George Bush proclaimed this is a success. Is it? Is killing a target a success for him? He knows the insurgents will fight back. The insurgents are not afraid of death. It seems their tactics are to blow themselves up, among other tactics. To them, Americans are occupiers. You cannot have troops on a foreign land and say you are not an occupier. You are. That is why he speaks of a long war. How long do you intend to stay on a foreign land and keep on killing? What is the difference between your killings and their killings? How come your killings are just and their killings are unjust? Is killing the method of resolution for conflict?


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