Friday, September 01, 2006

Terrorists are Communists and Fascists now?

Another outburst from George Bush. When he describes about Fascism, I thought he was talking about his administration. And if his prediction is correct, this administration would not fare very well down in history ... along with 'us' Americans, feeling helpless to do anything about it.

If we don't fight 'military', does this mean cut and run? Does this mean 'appeasement'? I'd like to hear the version from the Democrats, because I don't think they are very clear about what they ought to do. Is that all this administration can come up with as problem resolution?

How about creating peace in a violent situation? It is not appeasement. It is not retreat. It requires active engagement. It requires active listening. It requires opening your heart. I remember Thich Nhat Hanh offered to speak with these groups. But are you willing to be fair and just? Are you willing to forgive? Or are you after winning all the time?

How about turning a new chapter for our kids? How about teaching our young kids to create peace in a violent situation? This is a good opportunity for this. Believe me, every one wants peace. If they fight, it's because they feel they have to fight. They have a cause to fight just as you have a cause to fight. In that, we all have something in common. Listen to them. Listen to their pain.

America should lead because America has perhaps the biggest arsenal of weapons available. America has accused others as 'axis of evil'. America feel justified in its pre-emptive war. America has invaded another country unilaterally. The Abu Graib torture of prisoners depicts us as a country with poor morality and without conscience. With George Bush lack of desire to talk to the other side, and insist on continuing the fight on other foreign soils, America is the greatest threat to the world.

But it can be different.


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